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sacrificially and become a generation of givers. This contest is named after the only mascot of any ministry in the UPCI, Toby, the mascot of UPCI Children’s Ministries.

Winners from each district across North America will be honored with pictures and incorporated into the Children’s Ministries media production for the upcoming year.

Many young people have discovered their passion for God’s Kingdom by getting personally involved in life-giving Save Our Children fundraising via Toby’s Top Dog Club.

The Children in your church can be involved in this exciting contest as we challenge our Apostolic children to live 


The Prizes

A Photo/Video Shoot: Photos and video will be taken by the UPCI Children’s Ministries Team and will be used in UPCI National Children’s Ministries promotional materials and publications for the next calendar year.
Special Gifts: For all Toby’s Top Dogs, and extra gifts for the highest Toby’s Top Dog in each district.
Special Honor: At any of the Children’s Ministries activities: General Conference, Train Up Conferences, and SOC Holy Ghost Rallies.
Picture published in the Pentecostal Life.

The Goals

Raise $1,000 or more for Save our Children

Attend District Events (Jr. Camps & Rallies)

Maintain Church Involvement

Display Effort & Creativity

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